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Coming Up: Meet the Artists – May 20

In the Fall of 2020 Adam and Andrea Stoltz opened The Idea Kitchen in Larchmont with a vision to create an environment where art, industry and creativity thrive together. It has grown into a co-working home for freelancers, independent consultants, small business owners, and remote workers.

“The Brightness of Being” is rooted in the richness of being alive in a time with an unpredictable future. We have been brought to our knees, forced to quiet our minds and embrace the profound beauty in just being. The images offered in this show pull you toward the intense nature of that experience with the tenderness of a hopeful and bright future.

During that same period, photographer Sandra Wong Geroux and painter Maureen Meehan were looking for a public space to show work. Thanks to an introduction by Kenise Barnes Fine Art, a collaboration was born.

Conversations and discussions ensued on how to create a dialogue between paintings and photographs, and what would be appropriate to show after an emotionally exhausting year. There were walk throughs at The Idea Kitchen that offered unexpected and delightful interactions with its members that underlined the vibrancy of the Stoltzs intention. “The Brightness of Being” is the first of their rotating gallery exhibits.


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