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Coming Up: Coffee with Catherine, Steve and George- Dec 21

coffee with george

County Legislator-elect Catherine Parker, State Assemblyman Steve Otis and State Senator George Latimer will get together to answer your questions on Saturday.

No appointment is necessary. Staff members will also be in attendance to take individual concerns or questions and facilitate any necessary follow up after the event.

Nautilus Diner, 1240 W Boston Post Rd,  Mamaroneck 2:00-3:30 pm


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December 20, 2013 10:42 AM

I am hoping to be abe to attend and ask what I think is a very important question that seems to get swept under the rug. I like the idea of “raising the bar” for educational standards but there has obviously been a huge lack of planning and prep. That aside, all of these school ratings sites and exam result “scores” are absolutely meaningless. i dont think many people realize that wile it is acceptable to identify percentages of students based on race, it is not allowed to identify students based upon ability or lack of. WHAT percentage of the students are classified as “special needs”? As a result, if your school has a high percentage of SN kids, their state exam scores are averaged in as though they are typical students and of course the final score of the school is lower. personally I dont care what “color” the students are…I care more about whether there are SN students, what percentage and how well they fare. When you have a child with learning disabilities, it is near to impossible to research which school districts may serve them best. I very luckily landed in one such excellent district since I have one such child. But my main point is … well it isnt discriminatory to state the percentages of children by race so why IS it discriminatory to name percentages of children based on whether they are learning disabled/learning different? Especially when it has sich significant impact on what they CALL ratings?

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