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Coming Up: Camera Illuminata at Mamaroneck’s Emelin Theatre – Nov. 21


The Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre presents:  Camera Illuminata

Choreography: Dušan Týnek

Lighting Design: Roderick Murray
Camera Illuminata is a collection of dances inspired by the paintings of John Currin, Edgar Degas, Hippolyte Flandrin, Egon Shiele, and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The performance derives its name from camera obscura (dark chamber), a device used by painters to view a scene projected as an image inside of a dark box. In Camera Illuminata, the inverse is achieved, as two-dimensional paintings inspire dances, cast into the lit space of the theater. Each dance of “art” is paired with a musical complement:  for instance, “Young Male Nude Sitting by the Sea” (1836) by Hippolyte Flandrin is set to Ludwig van Beethoven’s Adagio from Moonlight Sonata (1802), and danced by company member Ned Sturgis. The New York Times calls the evening a “fascinating suite” with a “powerful conclusion.”


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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Dušan Týnek Dance TheatreSince its debut performances ten years ago, Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre has garnered much critical acclaim and built an impressive reputation for productions known for their high level of innovation, sophistication, expert craftsmanship and exceptional level of artistry from its dancers, live musicians, and other designers. Known internationally for his striking blend of theatricality and musicality in formally structured modern dance, Týnek  and his company of eight exceptionally skilled and versatile dancers, are unmistakable for original and sophisticated movement invention and ingenious use of space.

The company has held its home performance seasons at many leading dance venues in NYC including Dance Theater Workshop and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. These performance seasons have consistently received exceptional reviews from The New York Times, The New Yorker, Financial Times London, Village Voice and many other publications. The company has performed and participated in festivals throughout the United States and in Europe and Russia, and has been recognized by major press and presenters for its intriguing and diverse repertory and performances.
Týnek and his company members offer workshops, classes, and other educational partnerships in conjunction with its performances to dancers of all ages and skill levels.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER: DUŠAN TÝNEK : DUŠAN TÝNEK is known internationally for his striking blend of theatricality and musicality in formally structured modern dance and has been called “an undoubted talent” by The New York Times. Over the past ten years, critics and audiences alike have praised his imagination, command of structure, and genuine ability to convey emotion and atmosphere through an original dance vocabulary that naturally bonds classical and modern techniques.

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