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Coming Up: Anti-Bullying Day April 20

Anti Bullying excel

from Excel Martial Arts of Larchmont and Stephanie’s Kloset

Excel Martial Arts is hosting an Anti-Bullying Day Saturday April 20th.

Excel’s trained head instructors will present a curriculum of ways to promote “Bully-Avoidance Skills”, non-violent resolutions to conflict. We will also assist students in their development of “Anti-Abduction Skills”, giving them the ability to defend themselves against predators and understanding right from wrong.

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We believe that this day may play an important role in a child’s life. day? This is a free event to students and parents.



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Got to be kidding me
Got to be kidding me
9 years ago

So bad on so many levels:

1. Martial arts training (as in $$$) as the sponsor of an anti-bullying program. Can you say – – – “vested interest”? Sure, I knew you could.

2. Doing it on 4/20? Bad, bad day to do that.

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