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Coastal Storm Coming


They’re not mincing words in the Village of Mamaroneck. This is from Village Manager Richard Slingerland:

The Village of Mamaroneck has been advised of significant potential impacts of a coastal storm from Tuesday through Wednesday, followed by a cold windy Thanksgiving Day.

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Potential impacts of an intensifying storm moving northeast and passing west of the NYC Metro Area Wednesday morning include:

Freshwater urban flooding caused by a 2 to 4 inch rainfall, with maximum hourly rates of 1/2 inch per hour. Safety recommendations include removing debris from clogged drains, especially fallen leafs and ensuring extra water pumps are on hand for removing excess water from low lying poor drainage areas.

Based on the Village’s experiences with flooding and the fact that we have had a greatly reduced rainfall since July of 2013, we do not expect the Village to face a significant risk of flooding. However, we are monitoring the storm closely in the case of any change in forecast or actual emergency.

Heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday will be followed by a sharp drop in temperature Wednesday night with icing conditions around our region on Thursday morning.

Travelers are reminded to bring along safety essentials for long trips – pack a snow shovel in your car, check your wiper blades and windshield washer fluid, bring a blanket or two, water for the trip, and make sure your cell phone(s) are fully charged before any trip.

Expect airline travel delays even if you are not traveling to or from snow-impacted areas.  Plane flights from these areas may be delayed or cancelled, having a residual effect on other flights

Damaging winds from the southeast at 30-40 mph with gusts to 60 mph along the coast from NYC east, including Southern Westchester County, Long Island, Coastal Fairfield and New Haven Counties, and ALL of Middlesex and New London Counties. STAY TUNED FOR A HIGH WIND WATCH. Prepare for possible interruptions of power caused by downed trees, tree limbs, and power lines. However, the risk is decreased because all of the leaves are off the trees at this time.

Stay tuned to your latest weather station on television, radio or internet.

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving from The Village of Mamaroneck

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