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City Says Cop in New Rochelle Shooting Death Has Exemplary Record

Samuel Cruz, shot by police
Samuel Cruz, shot by police

The City of New Rochelle Tuesday released a glowing portrait of the Critical Unit Police Officer involved in the first fatal shooting by a cop in New Rochelle in 20 years.

On May 26, Samuel Cruz, a suspect described as emotionally disturbed, was shot by Police Officer Steven Geertgens after two attempted taserings had no effect.

A City spokeswoman says “Officer Geertgens joined the force in 2001 and has served with the CIU team since 2008. He has received (3) Class C Citations, (9) Commendation Awards, a Life Saving Award and Two and Four Year Perfect Attendance awards. His training includes numerous Tactical Seminars, including Emergency Psych Technician Course (40) hours, and NRPD- Emotionally Disturbed Person Tactics course (8) hours. Officer Geertgens has a clean record with no prior shooting incidents.”

Geertens remains on sick leave while the Westchester DA conducts an investigation.


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Frank DiSalle
June 2, 2013 3:27 AM

48 hours of training on dealing with the mentally ill, and he breaks the door down, and shoots Sam Cruz. Where did he train? With the SEALS?

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