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‘Chelsea Market’ Concept for New Rochelle Armory

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson says a proposal for the old Armory on Main Street would rehabilitate the hulking relic into a regional dining and food hub.

“Advanced by a group called Good Profit,” he says, “this ambitious proposal also envisions a glass enclosed event or performance hall in the building’s foreground, as well as interior space dedicated to veterans services.”

“The word ‘restaurant’ doesn’t quite capture the goal,” he writes.  Think instead of a combination of Eataly, Chelsea Market, Stone Barns, and Faneuil Hall, and you’ll be closer to the mark … a place where you can enjoy the bounty of local agriculture, obtain prepared items from specialty vendors, or have a sit-down meal in a unique and dramatic setting.

This kind of regional food destination would certainly complement our larger plans for the Echo Bay waterfront and could also help encourage spin-off ventures at other locations in New Rochelle.”



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Robyn Rae
Robyn Rae
7 years ago

This is a great idea and if it reflected all of the terrific ethnic foods and cultures that we have here in New Rochelle it could become a “DESTINATION” I’m all for promoting locally produced agriculture and we do have so may farmers within a hundred miles of us from which to source from. Maybe they could look for people who can make some unusual tasty dishes that you don’t find every day. If its just the same old mediocre food that’s served everywhere, it will be like a Food Court in a Mall, however it sounds like they have an interesting concept

7 years ago

Sounds ambitious but very promising!
7 years ago

I love when this happens!

Bonita Anita
Bonita Anita
7 years ago

It sounds VERY interesting!!!

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