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Changes to Larchmont Downtown: New Building, Paid Parking

Centro Larchmont rendering

From the Village of Larchmont:

Two multi-family/retail buildings will soon be built in the Palmer area of downtown.
One is the replacement for the building at 1912 Palmer that burned down in November of 2016. After several delays, work has ramped up – the foundation is done and the ground floor steel is in place and cement has been poured.
The second is Centro, a 14-unit mixed use building, at 108-114 Chatsworth Avenue. The owner recently demolished the existing buildings and is expected to start foundation work very soon.
Larchmont is also in the process of implementing paid parking in the Palmer and Post downtown districts. The project is guided by a 2018 comprehensive parking study done by BFJ Planning.
“Paid parking is the most effective tool we can use for creating turnover and business-supportive use of parking while insuring that resident permit holders have adequate space to park,” says Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh.
At the December 21, 2020 meeting, the Board approved a borrowing resolution in the amount of $625,000 for the purchase of multi-space pay stations, a license plate reader, new signage and other related items. The pay stations, most of which are solar-powered, should be installed on sidewalks and in parking lots beginning in early March.


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Robert Herbst
Robert Herbst
24 days ago

Parking meters! What a great idea to finally push our local small merchants over the brink. Now when I want to pop into the Corner Store to play lotto, I will have to take the time to find a pay station and then pay the cost of a lotto ticket. I may as well stay home and play on line.

parking rules???
parking rules???
26 days ago

re: parking, is there a grace period of 5-10 min if you’re quickly running into a store to pick up something – like takeout food or a bottle of wine? if not, what a pain, and I don’t see this helping local merchants. not enough communication from the town on this topic.

parking rules???
parking rules???
25 days ago

I’d also add — in a COVID world, who wants to touch a parking kiosk keypad? Gross. As local businesses are struggling, this seems poorly timed.

Richard Williams
Richard Williams
27 days ago

And how about parking for the store owners?

27 days ago

I am not looking forward to paying for parking with an App.There are so few spaces as it is.

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