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Centuries Old Tree Could Fall to Flood Project in Mamaroneck

Have a look at this tree. The Tompkins Farm Oak has stood on Beach Avenue and Pine Street in Mamaroneck Village since before the Revolutionary War.

Noah Tompkins’ barns are gone, but the Oak remains…and neighbors worry plans by the Village to install pipes below Pine Street could severely damage the tree. The area is prone to flooding and a project to install the pipes is currently under bid.

Says neighbor Nora Lucas, “In the opinion of the neighbors and several arborists and the DEC the plan does not sufficiently protect the roots of the Tompkins Farm Oak.   We are worried that we’ll lose an important Village landmark and big neighbor.”

Richard Slingerland, the Village Manager, says the Village will use every means it can to protect the tree.

A rally will be held Earth Day, April 22 at 11:00 am at the corner of Beach and Pine.

photo: Nora Lucas

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