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Centuries Old Oak Tree in Larchmont is Cut Down


undated photo of Oak Tree, Murray Avenue


Many local residents are sad to have lost a majestic oak tree that is believed to have stood on what is now a bend in the road on Murray Avenue in Larchmont for nearly 300 years.

Two years ago several large branches were “hacked off” say neighbors, by the Town of Mamaroneck, for clearance for traffic below. Many feel that hurt the tree and contributed its eventual demise.

photo: Howard McMichael


Neighbors spoke to Fios1 News about their efforts keep it from being destroyed.

Nothing is left of the Oak but a pile of wood chips




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Susan Wood
Susan Wood
1 year ago

Whoops, meant traffic on Weaver, which is even worse.

Susan Wood
Susan Wood
1 year ago

As a Murray Ave resident, I’m heartbroken every time I pass the bare space that was once occupied by the most magnificent tree in town. Amazing that I had to attend THREE variance meetings to get a fence up around my back yard that was directly against traffic on Murray, but neighbors heard NOTHING of this tree being destroyed until it was too late.

Nancy Hardart
Nancy Hardart
1 year ago

Yes these trees must be replaced

Luke Brussel
Luke Brussel
1 year ago

Ever since Hurricane Sandy, more trees are being cut down in a Larchmont – for fear of falling branches. But new trees take decades to grow, and I’m not even seeing new ones planted very often. It’s really a shame – we really need to turn this around or our town will change for the worse.

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