Centro Larchmont Presents Project to Board


Developer’s rendering of Centro Larchmont project

The Village of Larchmont Planning Board and Board of Trustees heard a general overview of plans by Rye-based developer Elk Homes to build Centro Larchmont, the proposed 26-unit luxury condominium project in Larchmont Village.

The project includes a condominium and a parking structure on Chatsworth and Wendt Avenues.

The development would serve as a public/private partnership with the intention of revitalizing the growing number of empty storefronts in the village. For example, says the developer, it would pay for a garage to provide more spaces for the village.

Gary Hirsch of Elk Homes describes Centro Larchmont project to residents and officials

Gary Hirsch of Elk Homes led the presentation, saying the project would replace obsolete, derelict buildings with a structure that includes architectural elements echoed in neighborhood landmarks such as the library and schools.

The outline also included discussion of the project’s impact on the neighborhood, traffic, infrastructure, school district and environment.

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The meeting at Larchmont Library Tuesday night attracted several homeowners on Wendt Ave who are concerned about the project size and degree of density especially with regard to traffic flow and safety.

One Board member raised concerns about an increase in dog waste in the Village that could result from new homeowners with dogs.

“We hope the planning board and board of trustees will make a complete and unbiased review of all of the impacts and results wherever they may lead, be it a change in the plan or configuration of proposal”, said Syrette Dym who lives on Wendt Ave.

The Village Trustees await the Planning Board’s initial feedback and review of the zoning amendment.

This is only the first step in the process which will include multiple opportunities for community members to share input.

Photos, diagrams, plans and details of Centro Larchmont can be found on the Village of Larchmont website www.villageoflarchmont.org.

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