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Westchester County Vaccine Information

We are currently in Phase 1a  and Phase 1b, which is the list here.

Villages and Town Ask for Police Surveys

Executive Order 203 issued by Governor Cuomo requires local governments to consult with community stakeholders to develop a policing reform plan

United Westchester Calls for Post-Storm Changes for Utilities

A group of Westchester officials released a report to address the failures of utilities and telecommunications companies after last August’s tropical storm Isaias.

Exodus to Larchmont Hard for Many, Says Report

“Here, the only person I interact with in person all day is my wife. It’s challenging for me,”

Loop Top 9 of 2020

...according to Instagram, anyway.

Westchester By the Numbers and Travel Restrictions

Traveling for New Year's? Think again.

How Did Your Town Vote for President?

Wondering how your neighbors voted in the Biden/Trump race?

Covid: Westchester by the Numbers

As of Dec. 10 2020: Active local COVID-19 cases: New Rochelle 526 Mamaroneck Village 166 Mamaroneck Town 39 Larchmont 24

New Rochelle Now in ‘Yellow’ Zone

New Rochelle is back in the spotlight as the City endures the designation of a Yellow Zone.

A Look at the Westchester Humane Society Renovation

The Humane Society of Westchester in New Rochelle is on track to re-open early next year in new, expanded space.

Mamaroneck Unveils New Swings In Columbus Park

Columbus Park in Mamaroneck finally has what all the other village parks have had for decades. Children's swings.

Trump Supporters Cause Disruptions on Cuomo Bridge, Rally and Caravan in Mamaroneck

Town of Mamaroneck officials say that on Sunday a caravan of Trump supporters in about 100 vehicles was seen driving in the Town of Mamaroneck.

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