No Dogs or Cats Allowed. (Ferrets, Wallabies and Lizards, Fine.)

Story and photos by Jacqueline Silberbush

Two weeks after adopting my precious Bruce the Bunny, I noticed she could not stand up. I’ve had rabbits half my life, but never considered them to be an exotic pet until after seeing two vets yesterday.  I was finally referred to a specialist in “birds and exotics”. After the second vet told me, “Our plan of action really depends on how invested you are in the animal,” I began to doubt seeing another person was igoing to help. But when I finally arrived at the Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics in Bedford, staff were rushing towards Bruce and taking care of her right away. Within minutes, they updated me on her status and kindly explained the severity of her condition.

Reporter Says She Found Mary Kennedy’s Body

BEDFORD– Mary Kennedy’s lifeless body was discovered by New 12 Westchester reporter Shannon White,  according to a report running today on the station. “I went over to her and prayed with her body,” says White in an exclusive News12 report on Cablevision, speaking of the day she says she found her friend’s body hanging in an outbuilding on her Bedford property. In addition to working as a freelance reporter at News 12, White was a longtime friend of Mary Kennedy’s, is an ordained Presbyterian minister, and was a spiritual adviser to Mary Kennedy during the last five weeks of her life. White accompanied Robert Kennedy Jr. to his estranged wife’s Bedford home and found her hanging in one of the buildings on the property on May 16.

Where to Park, as in County Parks, this Summer


WESTCHESTER COUNTY– Park it this summer- Passes for over 50 county parks go on sale today. Passes are available at the Westchester County Center and the Parks Department on 450 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley on Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the following locations:

Rye Playland
Dunwoodie and Sprain Lake Golf Course in Yonkers
Hudson Hills Golf Course in Ossining
Maple Moore Golf Course in White Plains
Saxon Woods Golf Course in Scarsdale
Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Golf Course in Cross River
Glen Island Park in New Rochelle (tickets go on sale here May 26)

Some of the County Parks include not only those above, but Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers, Saxon Woods Pool in White Plains and Willson’s Waves in Mount Vernon. Beginning June 16 passes will be available daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at The Brook at Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers, Saxon Woods Pool in White Plains and Willson’s Waves in Mount Vernon. More information here.

Birdathon? Get Pledges for Birding in Bedford

What do you know about the Bedford Audubon Society? The annual Birdathon:  a Birdathon is a fundraising event where participants get pledges for each bird or species they identify during any 24-hour period in the month of May. Participants can join individually or form teams. The Birdathon is open to everyone, regardless of skill level.  Visit to learn more about how to join in the fun and help Bedford Audubon at the same time! Phone 914.232.1999. Spring Migration Bird Walk with Bedford Audubon Naturalist Tait Johansson at Maple Avenue, Katonah, Tuesday May 1, 7:30–9:30 am. Web Sites Seem to be Working

Several of the Web sites run by the County seem to be back up–at least sporadically– after being hacked Friday. The hacker’s message poked fun at the county’s computer security, saying “Security is a joke! Your box owned by Mr.XHat Greets To: All Underground Hackers & Mafia Bands.”

The sites were those of Several of Westchester County’s offices, including those for the district attorney, the county clerk and the Board of Legislators. Did this shutdown affect you? Did it get in the way of your doing business with the County, finding directions, or anything else?

Local Soccer League Accused of ‘Abusive Behavior’


theLoop received a Letter to the Editor from a reader claiming the Mamaroneck Junior Soccer League (MJSL) engaged in “disrespectful and abusive behavior” against a team from Fox Lane recently. We asked MJSL for a response, which you can see below it. To the Editor:

On Saturday night Mamaroneck FC 93 played Fox Lane FC Best Friends in soccer at The Armonk Indoor Soccer League winning the game 5-1 and also a place in the Hall of Shame along with their coach and some of the parents. During an intense game the coach of the Mamaroneck team resorted to a play of verbal attacks on the Fox Lane players and their coach, even promising one of the players, “I’ll see you after the game…”

In this country we live by rules and the golden rule for any sport is respect.  On Saturday, the Mamaroneck coach failed on every bullet point in the Code of Ethics.  The ultimate offense came when his players refused the traditional team handshakes after the game.  Where’s the leadership and sportsmanship? The disrespectful and abusive behavior exhibited throughout the game by the Mamaroneck coach only incited the players which, not surprisingly, led to a melee after the game.   What was surprising, however, was the conduct of some of the parents who asserted their own aggression on their defenseless opponents that were half their size.  How absurd!

Closing Photo: Bedford Bell

Atop the Bedford Academy Building, now the Library, erected in 1807.  Now in the Bedford Village Historic District. photo: donsoutherland1

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