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The Way We Were

Hollywood all Around Us: Should New Rochelle Street be Renamed for Dick Van Dyke?

Did you know they were here? My Favorite Martian, Ozzie and Harriet, Dick Van Dyke and of course, Joan Rivers...

Teardown of the Week: New Rochelle Rowing Club

The building overlooking the Sound was constructed in 1900.

Coming Up: Westchester and the Underground RR- Feb. 9

Learn how Westchester County played a pivotal role in the escape route.

Coming Up: “Citizenship Day” at Jay Center

In observance of Constitution Week 2013, the first joint conference with the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society will launch September 18

Coming Up: Should Judy Clark Be Released from Prison?

Judy Clark is in prison, and has been for 30 years, for her role as a getaway driver in a 1981 robbery in Nyack that left three people dead.

Contest–Remember Woodstock!

Want to go back to Yasgur's Farm? Even if you weren't there--or even alive--everyone has an impression of Woodstock, the 1969 rock festival that left a lasting cultural, social and political legacy

Coming Up: The Art of War

See how this acquired knowledge is put to use in the presentation of living history.

New Ro’s New Logo

NEW ROCHELLE--So, what do you think? In 1688, French Huguenots from La Rochelle helped shape New Rochelle into the city it is today. And New...

Memorial Day Tribute: Local War Heroes Bring it Home Generations Later

  LARCHMONT/MAMARONECK-- For ten years,  8th Grade Hommocks Teacher Richard Darcy has been bringing World War II veterans into his classroom to speak about their...

Hollywood on Hugenot- Movies in New Rochelle

    NEW ROCHELLE-- Nice piece in New Rochelle Now about 4 modern movies about, or filmed in, New Rochelle:  Catch Me if You Can,  Michael...

Cool Finds: City Island Nautical Museum

  When was the last time you went to City Island? This gem is so great and so easy to get to. And the City Island...

Most Read

Protesters Rally at Mamaroneck School Board

Community protesters seek to remove Mamaroneck Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps, before a scheduled Board meeting.

Larchmont’s Polpettina Will Not Reopen

Visibly absent from the outdoor dining scene in Larchmont is Polpettina

Al Fresco Larchmont: Parking Hazard

An unintended consequence of "Al Fresco Larchmont"

Firework Free 4th for Larchmont and Mamaroneck

It's going to be pretty quiet around here, except for the illegal fireworks, of course.