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To the Editor: Where is Town of Mamaroneck Architectural Review?

"For the past few years we have witnessed the onerous effects of outrageous overbuilding by opportunistic, local, and carpet bagging builders.

To the Editor: I-95’s Blinding Lights Northbound to Larchmont

Has anyone driven home to the Larchmont area, from points South on 95 after dark recently ?

To the Editor: Boo Humbug. I don’t like Halloween

Exactly when did Halloween become a holiday?

Residents Hopeful on New Molly Spillane’s Noise Regulation

The outdoor patio must now be closed at 11pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends.

To the Editor: Is Board of Ed a “Bully”?

A copy of a letter sent to the Mamaroneck Board of Education on Wednesday.

To the Editor: Equal Pay Day

It takes the average woman fifteen months of work to make as much as the average man makes in one year.

Open Mike: Political Signs

"It is my understanding that these oversize banners violate Village law."

Open Mic: Loss of Historic Stone Walls at Schools

To the Editor:I've been most upset to see our beautiful stone walls at our schools removed and replaced by cookie cutter, pre-made concrete blocks

World Weighs In on Topless Child at Hommocks, Mamaroneck

The tempest in a teapot near-ejection of a topless 3-year-old at Hommocks Pool last week gets a very high rating of "stupidity"

Open Mike: Neighbors and Hampshire

The Owner/Developer of Hampshire County Club closed the club to traffic on Memorial Day, posting signs, without permission, on private property

Open Mike: Angelina and the Rest of Us

I am a little angered with all the news about Angelina Jolie's intimate prophylactic mastectomy.

Opposed to Plastic Bag Ban?

We received a note from a Washington PR firm that represents Hilex Poly – an American manufacturer and recycler of plastic bags.

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Today’s Snapshot: Goldfinch

American Goldfinch - Submitted to theLoop by Bernard Fenster

Larchmont Welcomes Enterprise Car Sales

Larchmont officially welcomed Enterprise Car Sales this week, though the dealership opened in March.

Unsolved: Mamaroneck Murder of Stephen Spina in 14th Year

The unsolved murder in 2007 of Stephen Spina, a well-liked local mail carrier in Mamaroneck, still confounds local police.

Video: U.S. Open, Golf Channel Salute Mamaroneck

You may see some familiar faces.