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Giveaways (and an Idea) from Larchmont Nurseries

In keeping with the Holiday spirit, Larchmont Nurseries has some free giveaways. Just stop by!

Today’s Snapshot: At Sheldrake

Leaf at Sheldrake- Submitted to theLoop by Amy Lieberman

Today’s Snapshot: Leaf

Leaf at Saxon Woods Park- Submitted to theLoop by Malcolm Frouman

Larchmont’s Dog Beach Remains Closed

Thanks to Tropical Storm Isaias in August, a significant amount of erosion keeps Dog Beach closed.

Today’s Photo: Marshlands Conservancy

Marshlands Conservancy, Rye. A great place for a hike. Submitted to theLoop by Raul Prebisch, Jr.

Beechmont Lake Restoration Resumes in New Rochelle

Driving past Beechmont Lake in New Rochelle, you may be amazed to see a guy in a wet suit standing up in the water, as well as some huge, black  "dewatering bags"

Larchmont Bans Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

It will be the first complete ban of gas-powered leaf blowers in the Northeast United States.

Westchester Parks Foundation Events

Take a look at some of the events hosted by Westchester Parks Foundation.

Local Girl Builds ‘Bee Hotels’ at Sheldrake

If you've always been afraid of bees, you might want to reconsider once you see the "bee hotels" created at the Sheldrake Environmental Center

Poison Ivy: How to Recognize and Treat

Poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac may be different plants, but they have one thing in common –urushiol.

Larchmont’s Green New Deal

Those beautiful plantings all over Larchmont's downtown areas -- flowers, vines and palm trees all over town are the donated work of Larchmont Nurseries.

Summer Blooms at Larchmont Nurseries

Have you been to Larchmont Nurseries recently? 

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