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Letter: Tax Larchmont Store Owners that Stay Empty

I believe that while a penalizing tax could be one approach, there could be an alternative approach which would hopefully unleash a bit more creativity and life on our commercial streets.    

Letter: Hampshire Developer Goal is Pure Profit, We Suffer Impact

"The developer’s ultimate objective... is to make the largest profit possible from an investment that they made in 2010 to purchase the golf course in a distressed real estate transaction."

Letter: Pro-Hampshire Development in Mamaroneck

"The proposed housing would add an estimated 57 school-age children, far fewer than the 100 feared by the Youngs in their letter."

Letter: Against-Hampshire Development in Mamaroneck

"The topography of the club is such that it essentially is a bathtub."

Letter: Hampshire Growth Will Harm Community

"I am very concerned about the 105-home residential development proposed to be built on the Hampshire Country Club property."

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