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Teenager Electrocuted at Mamaroneck Train Station

A 13 year old boy was killed Sunday night at the Mamaroneck Train Station when he apparently climbed up the station's overhead structure.

Police Blotter: Burglary and Fraud Arrests In Mamaroneck Village

Even the so called "routine" patrols or traffic stops can be anything but routine.  

Mamaroneck Town Police Nab Porch Pirate

Gotcha!  The suspected porch pirate caught on camera was arrested Wednesday evening by Mamaroneck Town Police.

Mamaroneck Blotter: Picky Porch Pirates & A Littering Car Thief

Video: Watch as porch pirates attempt to steal delivered packages from area homes.

Worker Electrocuted at New Rochelle Construction Site

A worker was electrocuted Wednesday at 164 Union Avenue in New Rochelle.

New Rochelle Hyundai Defrauded of $500,000 Says DA

Two people were indicted for defrauding the New Rochelle Hyundai dealership out of over $500,000 and JPMorgan Chase out of over $700,000.

Shades Snatchers: Mamaroneck Village Police Blotter

Mamaroneck Village police report numerous thefts from vehicles. While sunglasses are the most popular stolen items, thieves happy to take GPS units and in one case - a saw.

Larchmont PD Try New Tactic to Stop Bike Robbery Spree

Larchmont Police set a plainclothes trap to catch bike thieves, and the plot thickens.

Larchmont Cops Nab “Boarding School Bandit”

Caught after a high speed chase, Larchmont Police arrest a 27 year old New Rochelle man once dubbed "The Boarding School Bandit."

Mamaroneck Village Police Blotter

Police Blotter: Larceny, Theft, Assaults & Weapon Charges Keep Mamaroneck Village Police Busy

New Westchester Incubator Seeking Entrepreneurs

Local entrepreneurs might want to take advantage of this incubator program.

What Are on Thieves’ Christmas Lists in Mamaroneck?

Here are the crimes reported by Town of Mamaroneck Police for the December 6-17, 2019.

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