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Car Crashes Through Pink on Palmer in Larchmont

It’s the second time in two days a car has driven through the plate glass window of a Larchmont store. At about 1 pm today, a man thinking that he was accelerating forward out of a parking space at the deli next door, accidentally hit reverse, went diagonally across the sidewalk on Chatsworth Avenue, and into the window of Pink on Palmer.

Employees of the make-up and accessories store were all in the back; no one was injured.

This is the second time in two days a car has smashed through the window of a Larchmont store on Palmer Avenue.

The car appears to be a Subaru; the car in Tuesday morning's crash was a Lexus whose owner says may have had a faulty accelerator


photos: Polly Kreisman


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8 years ago

Really freaky, I’m so glad no one was walking there.

Iris Blau
Iris Blau
8 years ago

A tragic misunderstanding of the idiom “In the Pink”.

Glad everyone’s OK.

“Faulty” accelerator claims often prove be be faulty feet. Happened to me in my VW. Fortunately I was able to stop in time.

8 years ago

Wow – – this is like one of those horror movies where zombies crash into buildings!

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