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One to One Fit Facts: “Real Food” for One Month?

Let’s get started.


March is the month to get serious.  We’re a few sunny days away from spring.  It’s time to take a good look at ourselves and see how we can improve our personal wellness goals.  This month’s focus at One2One is going to be improvements on our diet.

We are challenging our clients to participate in one month of change.

A great exercise program does nothing if it is not supported by a healthy nutritional foundation.  This is a challenge of transformation, not weight loss.  It’s important as time goes on to incorporate new strategies that will improve your health from the inside out.  Changes in diet can give you more energy, help you sleep better, clear up nagging health conditions…..and maybe even shed a few pounds (a nice side effect).

We are challenging everyone to eat real food for one month:  Lean proteins like fish, chicken, and eggs.  All kinds of vegetables and fruits.  Nuts, seeds, and healthy oils.  Foods with single ingredients instead of long unpronounceable lists.  This will mean cutting out grains, dairy, sugars, processed foods, legumes (including peanuts), and alcohol.  All have been linked to inflammation and weight gain.

Those who are ready will cut out everything and live clean for a month.  Those who want to participate can choose 3 items to eliminate.  This is a way to clean your slate and figure out which foods YOUR system doesn’t agree with.

After the month of elimination, you can slowly work foods back into your diet to see how they feel.  Beginners on their journey can set their own personal goals.  A structured One2One point system will help keep everyone on track.  Feel free to contact us with questions.  As always, if you have any medical concerns please contact your doctor before making any drastic changes.

We’re looking forward to a great month!

Sean Fitzpatrick is owner of One2One BodyScapes in Mamaroneck, a Loop sponsor

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