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Building of the Week: Ridge Hill

Yonkers (and the lower County) accelerates its retail real estate play with Ridge Hill, a shopping, dining, strolling destination with a “Village Green”.. And a Whole Foods, LL Bean, H&M…

It’s a 1.25-million-square-foot retail and entertainment complex developed by Forest City Ratner Cos.

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Anyone been there? Please report back!

photos: Jaqueline Silberbush


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Larchmonter since "72
Larchmonter since "72
10 years ago

Other than to see it once, why would anyone go there?

If the traffic is as bad as in your picture, I’m not sure I’d even want to see it once.

10 years ago

Plus the Monarch at Ridge Hill. Worth the short trip to see it all, including upcoming Texas de Brazil. Beats “your” infamous “skunk tunnel” and its surrounding empty retail. :-)

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