Biz Buzz: The Souk, Larchmont


Maria Churchill’s friends would come to her house and say, “You ought to have a store.” So she opened one in Hastings in 2012, and a second one in Larchmont last October.

“That makes me bicoastal,” she laughs.

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Walking into The Souk at Maisonette, at 170 Myrtle Avenue in Larchmont, is like entering a marketplace in Morocco, which is what a “souk” really is. While the Hastings location focuses on an eclectic mix of home furnishings, the Larchmont store is “more of a gallery for one of a kind things,” she says. “Every piece has a story.”

Here you will find unique Moroccan wedding blankets, woven as a bride’s dowry in the Atlas Mountains ( above, $400-$700) to ceramics from Marrakesh that will go in the dishwasher (below, left, $8 and up)

There are nickel plated brass overhead lamps in the window throwing patterns of dots. In a culture that embraces color and craft, you’ll see pillows made of vintage kilims and rugs. And much more. You can also shop on their website.

“You should have things that you love in your home,” says Maria. “If you love it, it will work in your space.”

The Souk at Maisonette • 170 Myrtle Avenue, Larchmont • Tues.- Fri. 11 am- 7 pm, Sat. 11 am – 6 pm •914.732.3330

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