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We read alot about fitness companies that offer a wide range of athletic training and amenities to serve the needs of hundreds of members.

But there’s another fitness model that many people find more beneficial, a one on one program with a trainer who can assess each client’s individual physical and even nutritional needs.

That’s the philosophy behind a very unique environment in Mamaroneck, One2One Bodyscapes.

Here, windows overlook Mamaroneck Harbor. Stability balls, exercise tubing and bands, medicine balls, free weights, and kettlebells are all available with a trainer.

Let’s say you play tennis. Your coach will put you on a special program to improve agility and work specific muscles. You’re overweight. A special program tailored to lose weight and build muscle. Whatever your sport or fitness goals, the program is tailored to you.

“We see the body as a whole mechanism,” says Manager and Trainer Shea Kelly. “It’s important to work the various parts of the body together, holistically.”

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One2One trainers from left: Shea Kelly,Adam Green, Lori Herbsman, Michelle Bartels

And that includes nutrition and wellness. Special events include a yearly health and wellness team competition. A recent “Sugar Detox,” with local Health Coach Jen Dorf was designed to bring awareness to how and when clients were eating, and how to reduce or eliminate sugar without feelings of deprivation.

And if you want the whole place to yourself, and need privacy, they’ll accomodate that as well.

“We are training over 100 people every week, says Manager and Certified Personal Trainer Lori Herbsman, “All one on one.”

You can try out One2One Bodyscapes for $89 for two personal training sessions.

One2One Bodyscapes 516 West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck (914) 777-2300


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