A Love Affair with 80 Classic Cars in New Rochelle

During spring break week, we are bringing back some popular posts:

Eco-friendly hybrids and sporty foreign numbers have their place, but, Nick Pagani only has eyes for Big American Cars. “I go down to my garage at night and I sit and look at my cars,” Pagani says. “To me, they’re beautiful.”

Pagani – a guy born and raised in Pelham Manor who restores cars in the same New Rochelle shop his granddad opened in 1920 – has no shortage of stuff to gaze at. His collection of 80 vintage cars frequently appears in period-piece movies (often with Pagani behind the wheel) such as Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler and Angel Heart. Pagani’s wheels are currently being used in the production of Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest Coen brothers’ movie.

Driver Crashes Through Larchmont Store

Larchmont Village police say a woman driving to take a class at the LTrain spinning studio at 5:50 this morning crashed through the window of a vacant bridal store in the same shopping center at 2005 Palmer Avenue. We are told that this may be part of a trend of faulty accelerators in some Lexus cars. She was unhurt. photos: Diana Marszalek

Pet Project: Kirby


Kirby was carelessly abandoned outside the New Rochelle Humane Society, giving her transition to shelter life a rough start. Her acclimation didn’t go easily at first; Kirby’s pleasingly plump size compounded her problems because she was too big to fit into a private enclosure. But Kirby managed to work things out, at least for the time being. The 5-year-old girl has been given free roam of one of the shelter’s staff areas, and has clearly crowned herself queen. Kirby will undoubtedly be more than comfortable in a home of her own.

Scarsdale Undercover

In Scarsdale Undercover, we share some of the more…unnecessary police activity that seems to occur in Scarsdale, New York. A woman reported that someone broke into her car while it was parked on Garth Road and stole her cell phone. Police called the phone and found it under the passenger side seat. Feb. 29.

Historic Mamaroneck Farm House Now Gone


The Gedney Farm House, possibly the oldest building in Mamaroneck, is gone. Demolition of the house, which sat on property at 734 E. Boston Post Road owned by the Rye Neck School District, was completed on Saturday, reducing more than two centuries of local history to rubble. Carole B. Akin, a Mamaroneck resident who led a months-long fight to save the building, built in 1790, reacted to the demolition “with a heavy heart,” saying she and fellow preservationists “regret deeply” that the school district did not grant them more time to find a way to save the property. “All we wanted was six more months,” she writes. Akin, however, says she hopes the “wrenching demolition” of the Farm House won’t be totally in vain, and that the loss spurs individuals to protect other historic properties from being razed.

A Bounty of Babies Born Leap Day

Something about Leap Day brought Westchester babies out – literally – in numbers. White Plains Hospital and Hudson Valley Hospital Center in Cortlandt Manor each welcomed five babies to the world on Wednesday. That’s a record-setting number for Feb. 29 at HVHC and also unusually high for White Plains, where a set of twins was among the newcomers. White Plains threw a birthday party for the kids – particularly nice since they won’t have another “real” one for four years.