An investigation by the New York Office of Attorney General finds that the Mamaroneck School District failed to adequately respond to harassment, bullying and discrimination against students.  Under terms of an agreement between the school district and the Attorney General’s office, The Mamaroneck school district will make policy changes.

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The agreement reads, in part,

The Mamaroneck UFSD has agreed to comply with robust reforms to improve its response to future instances of race- and gender-based bullying, harassment, and discrimination, including but not limited to:

Revising Mamaroneck UFSD’s harassment policies to ensure prompt and effective responses to misconduct;
Punishing retaliatory attacks from offenders following a report from a victim;
Providing written reports for each student complaint involving bullying, harassment, or discrimination; and
Providing school-based counseling services for at-risk students affected by such misconduct.

Read the complete details here


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July 20, 2023 9:17 AM

It’s a shame that this article doesn’t describe the agreement in more detail. I hope that is in the works. As the mother of a child who is now 25 but who attended Mamaroneck schools (and who identified as gay beginning in high school), I can say that this is long overdue. My child was bullied mercilessly for not conforming to gender stereotypes beginning in elementary school. So much so that I had to send him to private school in 10th grade because he was so bullied in high school that he was unable to even attend school there anymore. Throughout his time in school, rather than addressing the bullies, teachers and school administrators treated my son as the problem, not the bullies. I hope the agreement helps, although to be frank I am horrified that the school district had not already implemented its very basic and common sense terms many years ago.