ATM Scammers Back in Westchester


On the left is the normal slot for an ATM card, the protruding one on the right is called a “skimming device.” Crooks can slide these into almost any ATM – wait for a customer to use it – and then, it stores their information.

Here I was writing a story for you about ATM Skimmers and how to spot one, after an incident in New Rochelle at 71 Huguenot St. Monday and hundreds more around the US and the world, when I happened on this baby: an ATM Skimmer for sale in Russia! Do these guys have b*lls, or what?

Here’s a whole site devoted to it.  Though they’re probably scamming their  customers, too.

A skimmer, of course, is a device attached to an ATM machine can collect information from credit and debit cards, most with the ability to visually and electronically read them.  They generally look like the one above, but some, like this, are hard to detect. Check this out.
One way the scheme can work is to have someone wait for an ATM customer, then “skim” their card with a pinhole camera and an electronic device record information on the magnetic stripe of the card, and send the image to a laptop nearby. Then the perp will create fake bank cards.
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Here in Westchester, a task force was set up several years ago after five incidents resulted in the theft of $1,000,000 in cash–$350,000 in a single day.

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