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At the Katonah Museum- Chinese Photography, Art and More

You keep telling yourself you’re going to get to the Katonah Museum of Art, don’t you?
The Katonah Museum has ten to twelve exhibitions annually, not too bad for a museum without a permanent collection.

Currently and until September the museum is showing:

Rising Dragon: Contemporary Chinese Photography: a look at how rapidly the landscape and country are changing,

Xu Bing: Square Word Calligraphy : Xu Bing’s unique method of writing English words that resemble Chinese characters,

The Art of Grace Lin: a depiction of Chinese family life, and

Joseph Wheelwright: Tree Figures in the garden,  giant sculptures from trees.

The museum is extremely kid friendly, has a children’s program to help them better understand the exhibitions, and a completely free interactive space called The Children’s Learning Center.

Katonah Museum of Art, 134 Jay Street, Katonah, NY

Story and Photos by Jacqueline Silberbush

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