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Another March Wellness Challenge


MAMARONECK–Earlier this week Yoga Spark challenged you to their March Madness Challenge. Today we bring you another, the annual Health and Wellness Challenge at One2One Bodyscapes.

Both of these fitness and health centers challenge you to find your ultimate wellness this Month,whatever that means to you.

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theLoop challenges you to try everything on One2One’s list in Mad March:

1.  Make positive changes to your diet

2. Get some form of exercise everyday

3. Sleep for 7 hours each night

4. Improve your mental health (meditate, take 10 deep breaths, get a massage….)

5. Hydrate with at least 5 glasses of water a day

6. Try a new activity

7. Read a health article or sign up for a newsletter

8. Get a friend or family member to join you!

Go into One2One in Mamaroneck and sign up to collect points for anything on the list and win prizes and free training sessions (you get a bonus point if you don’t complain during your training session).    Warm weather is coming! or so we hear….

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