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Letter: Against-Hampshire Development in Mamaroneck

Water pools at Hampshire Country Club October 23, 2012, the day after Hurricane Sandy


Dear Editor,

Having lived on Cove Road for almost 30 years, I have witnessed innumerable floods on Hampshire Country Club’s golf course that have threatened and severely damaged many homes and properties around the neighborhood. While the owners of the Club have told neighbors that they have drastically improved issues surrounding flooding, there remain very serious problems that a few drains will not address. The topography of the club is such that it essentially is a bathtub. Once filled, it runs over and floods all surrounding areas… there is no way to keep Long Island Sound back during a serious storm. As many people know, a neighbor on Cove Rd.was killed during such a flood as he was caught is rushing water while trying to get home on the golf course. We all know that these storms are increasingly frequent and dangerous.

The proposed housing development at Hampshire is nothing shy of foolhardy. It will exacerbate the flooding which similarly effects the ball fields at the Hommocks. But, this is only one of the issues! School overcrowding, serious and dangerous toxins on the golf course resulting from decades of unregulated pesticide use, a huge increase in traffic, many years of construction, blasting, and construction vehicles, and, no safe egress from the development during a real storm. The roads will literally be under feet of water.

This is added to the outrageous plan to use Eagle Knolls Road and Cove Road as ingress and egress along with tiny Cooper Lane, all private roads owned by the homeowners who have not granted any permission to use the roads for anything other than club access. There is nothing allowing access to a housing development.

I urge all residents to join in opposing the proposed development by writing to the Planning Board in the Village of Mamaroneck c/o

For more information, visit the website of MCEC, the Mamaroneck Coastal Environment Coalition. 

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Herzog

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