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A Million Miles Away? Not!

Those of you old enough to be around in the 80’s surely remember the band The Plimsouls (“A Million Miles Away”). Well, neither the band, nor its frontman and founder, Peter Case, are gone or forgotten. Rather, Case, who later played with The Nerves and the Breakaways, will be performing in Larchmont Wednesday, Nov. 16, in support of his new album The Case Files and an upcoming live Plimsouls record. Here’s what he told theLoop:

Very few artists are able to achieve longevity in the music business. What’s the key to staying in the game? My heros when I was a kid were blues singers and poets: Lightnin’ Hopkins, Allen Ginsberg, and others. They had musical and lyrical ROOTS… true roots that nourished them for life.   I’ve never been into the ‘quick kill’ mentality,  I’m more into the ‘stay young at heart,  but make things of value’ school…

Your upcoming album is a new live Plimsouls record.  Are you trying to reach the fans that were there with you in the 80’s or new listeners? It’s a live show from 1983, an exciting record, and is for anyone who wants it.   It doesn’t sound very dated, it wasn’t based on 80’s gimmicks at the time.

The Plimsouls and your music evoke a time and place nearly 30 years ago.  Do younger listeners get it? I feel like it’s more timeless than that, especially these live recordings. They seem to appeal to rock and rollers of all descriptions.

There’s a little bit of a resurgence of New Wave music. What’s up with that?  Maybe it’s the songs. There were some good ones.  I’ll say now, though, that the Plimsouls were not a New Wave group. We were a rock and roll band…

Are those tunes now officially oldies? I have no idea, but I think Blondie qualifies.

Is there stuff you learn from new artists, whether it’s the music or other things, like music delivery systems and reaching fans? I admire some younger artists, for example, Gasoline Silver, a great band out of Memphis.  The greatest music delivery system known is the vinyl lp record, and my hat is off to the kids for making that popular again.

How do you find playing small neighborhood venues like Watercolor?  That’s what I’ve been doing for years and years, performing in all kinds of places on the road. I love the Watercolor Cafe, it’s one of my favourite places to play!

Peter Case will play at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16 at Watercolor Cafe, 2094 Boston Post Road in Larchmont. Tickets are available through Watercolor’s website or call 834-2213. 


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