A Larchmont War Veteran’s ‘Soldiers Story’


In 2003, during a phase of American military involvement in Iraq, one Larchmont family waited patiently for a husband and dad, serving as a Colonel in the Marine Corps, to come home.

Reed Bonadonna arrived home safely to his wife, Dr. Susan Bonadonna, and their three sons. Now, his just-published book, Soldiers and Civilization, provides a fascinating and unusual interpretation of what it means to be a soldier.  It’s a book that U.S. National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster has endorsed as “important.”

Bonadonna served in Iraq and Lebanon, and was most recently an instructor at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He writes of soldiers not as one dimensional instruments of war, but as contributors to the civilization they serve.  Soldiers and Civilization covers the history of the military profession in the Western world from the ancient Greeks to the present day and shows how both soldiers and their civilizations have helped mold each other over time.

“This is not just another book on military history,” says one review. “The focus is not on tactics and strategy but on the humanistic thinking of those under arms.”

For more on the book, please visit the author’s blog at soldiersandcivilization.com.

from left: Reed Bonadonna, with sons Devon, Erik and Luke and wife Susan

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