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In Your Face: Skin Care for Cold Weather

Larchmont-based make-up and skin care advisor Jess Chollet gives us a few basic tips for keeping your skin healthy and healthy looking as the cold weather sneaks in:

Now that winter is approaching, our skin needs a heavier moisturizer because the cold parches our faces.   You may think that you have oily skin no matter the temperature, but ole’ man winter brings on a whole new set of issues.

You may have to play with it a bit; try the oil free moisturizer and see if that is enough, you will know this by how your face feels, is it tight, is the make up not going on smoothly?  If so, you can try a heavier moisturizer and see how that does on your face.  With any kind of skin care products you have experiment with different brands and see what you like the best, because everyone’s skin reacts differently.

For us over 40, our faces are screaming at us to take extra care.  That means washing your face morning and night with a face wash. I like Oil of Olay! Those products are good, simple, get the dirt off your face products, and that is what you need.

Once your face is clean use a night cream that is heavy enough that you still feel it in the morning.  Then make sure you use a day lotion heavy enough to to keep your face hydrated throughout the day.

And we can’t forget the sunscreen.  Use a 30 spf after your day cream and before your foundation.   I really like the Neutrogena sunscreen line because there are so many to choose from and they are all good quality SPF protection. I know several people who like Kiehl’s; they make a water based sunscreen that some people prefer.

And let us not forget the eyes.   There are a lot of eye creams out there to choose from,  and most of the women I talk to say they don’t think they need it.  They are wrong.   The skin around your eye is very delicate and requires a product specially formulated for the eye.   This is the area that we most see those little lines, and we want to discourage those by protecting our eye area.  Use morning and night and put it on before your Day or Night Cream.

I also want to add something like,  for those who don’t wear make up because they never have or don’t know how. That is why I am here.   Make up is fun and make up makes us look refreshed and not tired. Who wouldn’t want that?

I look forward to seeing your fabulous faces and together we can figure out what is best for you in the sea of products that line the shelves at drug stores and make up counters.

You can reach Jessica through her website, FaceToFace, or by email to



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