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Love Larchmont for $5

love larchmont magnets

Corrections:  We erroneously reported the money raised from the magnets would go to beautify Constitution Park. The funds will be used for holiday decor and beautification on Palmer Avenue. The Larchmont 125th Anniversary project will be raising funds for the Park.

And the graphic sent by Love Larchmont had the wrong email address on it. The graphic above is correct.


Perhaps recognizing that the economic success of a small town can start at the grassroots, a group of local women recently formed a committee called Love Larchmont.

“Before I knew it, there were almost 2000 of us,” says co-founder Tiffany Smith.

Meeting with Mayor Anne McAndrews, local merchants, landlords and potential business tenants, Tiffany and her partner, Amy Sullivan, say they are working to make Larchmont “what it once was,” from trying to lure tenants into abandoned storefronts like the old Larchmont Store space, to promoting existing businesses.

“What is unique about Larchmont is the passion our residents have for our town,” says Amy, who was recently interviewed for an article in the Rye Record about similar problems in that town.

While reaction to this effort has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, not everyone sees the benefit. David Nadelson, owner of Aroma, the independent coffee roaster and cafe, writes on the group’s Facebook page, “I‘m way too busy trying everything human possibly to increase sales at Aroma to get sidetracked with something that I feel is like looking for the ruby slippers, as we are NOT in Kansas anymore. I have a Starbucks to contend with 24/7, and their sales are anything but lagging without the benefit of magnets. “

Abbie Durkin of  Pink on Palmer and Clutch-Larchmont, responds “We are all looking for the same end goal… A steady business and a sustainable downtown that attracts shoppers and new businesses.”

You can pick up a magnet for 5 smackers at participating local businesses, including Villa Maria Pizzeria & Restaurant, Clutch – Larchmont , Vintage 1891 Kitchen, Pink On Palmer, Winetasters of Larchmont, Foley’s Hardware, Village Mercantile, Anderson’s Book Shop, Stephanie’s KlosetCentre Stage Boutique, Julia B. Fee Realtors and The Larchmont Chamber of Commerce, which is offering the magnets through their website.

For more information on the group, contact them at


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September 4, 2015 12:25 PM

REALLY !!! Larchmont begging for money !! ” What it once was” What Happen to Larchmont ???

• C O M M U N I T Y • C A L E N D A R •

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