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Letter: Please Social Distance in Larchmont!

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The writer identfies herself as a local resident and a health care worker in the Bronx.

To the Editor:

I wish to express concern about a socially irresponsible block party that took place on Saturday on Clark Ct. in Larchmont Manor.  Adults were drinking, not maintaining social isolation. Young children were weaving in and out of the adults and onto Monroe Avenue.

I was driving on Monroe, in my car, wearing a face mask, when I noticed this terribly upsetting scene. I opened my window to snap a photo and was immediately assaulted with ugly curse words, the crowd goading me to take more photos, “go ahead f’ing ass h, take our picture!”

Kids were riding wildly all over the street and spilling onto Monroe, where I was completely stopped.

I’m a healthcare worker in the Bronx. My colleagues are getting sick, some have died, they’re taking care of the sickest of the sick, witnessing countless numbers of deaths each and every day.

If we, the public, don’t heed the call to flatten the curve, stay home, socially distance and isolate, many more deaths will occur. This pandemic will never end.

I was so outraged by the reckless, angry, selfish outburst I was met by, while I, a responsible citizen was appalled by the “cocktail party” before my eyes. I called the Larchmont Police and saw that they responded within minutes.

Please print this story. It could save lives.

Sincerely yours,

Concerned Resident


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