$2.5 Million Attempted ID Theft One of Several in Mamaroneck


A Mamaroneck man nearly lost $2.5 million dollars to international internet fraud last month.

Mamaroneck Town Police say the victim thought the money was going to a family member for a large business transaction but it turned out to be a case of identity theft.  A department spokesman tells The Loop the transaction was intercepted in time.

Cases of identity theft and fraud continue to pop up with shocking regularity:

  • November 18  A resident reports a fraudulent check worth $14,000 was cashed against her account.
  • November 15 A resident reports someone fraudulently purchased $156 worth of car insurance in her name.
  • November 4 A resident reports several fraudulent credit card charges totaling $4328.

Other crimes reported to the Town of Mamaroneck Police Department:

November 26:  Criminal Mischief – Stop sign located near Rockingstone Avenue was ripped out of the ground and damaged. Sign was recovered and reinstalled.

November 25: Petty Larceny – Package containing a Rowenta Steam Cleaner was reported stolen from front door at residence on Forest Avenue.

November 25: Criminal Mischief – Graffiti at Sheldrake Preserve. Red paint sprayed on two trees and three rocks along the nature trail.

November 16:  Criminal Mischief – At Winged Foot Country Club a security surveillance camera valued at approximately $1200 was knocked down and damaged.

November 15:  Petty Larceny – Package containing rolls of hockey tape delivered to Larchmont Acres building lobby reported stolen.

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