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16-18″ in 36 Hours

With all the Villages and Towns in the area declaring Snow Emergencies Thursday,and schools and activities canceled, the Village of Mamaroneck quantified its own summary of emergency measures, through Friday, with a measure of the snow fall:

Please be advised that pursuant to NYS Executive Law Chapter 24 the Village of Mamaroneck is declaring a Local Snow Emergency for purposes of snow removal.  This local emergency declaration will extend through Midnight on Friday night, January 28, 2011.

In the near future, after the emergency snow operations are over, the Department of Public Works will post signs that we plan to mark out and remove large snow piles from primary roads and streets, as time, men, and equipment allows.

We estimate that the Village of Mamaroneck, similar to surrounding municipalities, has received between 16” and 18” of snowfall in the last 36 hours.  Local and Regional snowfall amounts over the past 30 days have surpassed record levels.

One of the key reasons for this emergency declaration is that residents and business owners are shoveling, plowing and snow-blowing snow off of their private properties and putting it into the streets and roads, in many cases making them impassable.  This has been happening  on both primary and secondary roads Village-wide and it is a major hazard.

Residents and business owners should make every effort to plow and shovel the snow to the sides and corners of parking lots, lawns, and curbs.  We realize that this is not an easy situation and that everyone has limited areas to place the snow.  In all honesty, the Village is running out of places to haul it away and dump it from our 110 miles of streets.

Restrictions, suspensions and requirements for the Snow Emergency:

1.       Garbage collection for today, January 27, 2011, has been suspended.  For residents whose garbage was scheduled for pickup today, it will not be collected until Monday, January  31, 2011.

2.       Garbage collection will resume under the normal schedule for neighborhoods scheduled for Friday garbage collection.

3.       Sidewalks must be shoveled and slip-prevention materials (e.g. salt or sand) must be applied at this time under Village Code Chapters 296-1 and 296-2.

4.       Hydrants must be cleared by residential and commercial property owners, so the Fire Department can access them in case of a fire.

5.       Parking regulations remain in effect, and this declaration does not prohibit parking on streets either during the day or at night, BUT overnight parking prohibitions will be enforced at parking meters, and vehicles parked overnight at Parking Meters may be towed due to snow-removal operations.  Residents who have driveway space available are encouraged to move their vehicles off-street, into their driveways.

6.       Residents and businesses who put the snow on the streets create hazardous situations, limit and harm emergency response times, and put lives and property at risk.  For example, if there is a fire, and fire trucks cannot respond because a street is blocked by snow, the fire will burn unabated until they are freed from the snow and ice.  People or snow-plow companies who continue to shovel, plow or snow-blow snow into the streets may be subject to fines and/or harsher penalties under the law.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this difficult time


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January 30, 2011 4:55 AM

Did they actually enforce overnight parking regulations and tow vehicles on Thursday night?1

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