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1000 Paper Cranes for Japan

The classrooms  at Central School in Larchmont were buzzing this month with activity that wasn’t easy to master: the art of making origami paper cranes.  Together with their parents and teachers, Central’s students dedicated their time to lend a hand to the people of Japan affected by the recent tsunami and earthquake. 

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of making paper cranes to promote good wishes, the students at Central got to work.  With the help of school’s librarian, Anne Corsetti, and a great number of teachers and volunteers, Central’s kids kept on folding, trying to reach the goal of making a thousand cranes.  They folded during library time, sometimes during lunch and recess, at home and on the playground.  They just wanted to get to a thousand.

The project culminated as a Family Night on May 5th, Children’s Day in Japan, where parents, grandparents, siblings and friends got together and just kept on folding.  In the spirit of a fold-a-thon, each family was invited to sponsor their child based on the amount of cranes each class made, with an optional sponsorship of 10 cents per crane.  With only a little bit or training and a lot of heart and passion, Central’s students reached their original goal of a 1000 cranes, and went on to fold 1500 more.  And they keep on folding!

All the proceeds from this project will go directly to the Japan Center for International Exchange, which raises funds for leading Japanese organizations that are working on the ground to provide immediate disaster relief.

–Submitted by Ilona Shinkar

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